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MAFFEST 2021 Begins

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mooz art Festval

MaFFesT 2021

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Digital Theater

About the project

MooZ-ArT FesTival

The Digital Theater Festival was created during the pandemic. The existence of the theater has been challenged.  This festival  aims to create an alternative vision and inspire new practices for the functioning of the theater. The goal of the first season was to try and figure out how the theater could integrate different digital mediums. The format of the festival is application-based Jury members anonymously select 5 projects. After the presentation, the jury selects the winners in different nominations. Every new season uses different multimedia technologies in order to create new experiences and formats. The concept changes over time. The main focus and attention are on independent artists so that they can realize their creative intentions.

The Digital Theater

Θέατρο για το νερό

Theater for Water

المسرح بالنار

Theater by the fire

Teatro para el aire

Theater for Air

Théâtre pour le Soleil.

Theater for the Sun

Teater untuk Man

Theater for huMan

תיאטרון הדרך

Theater for the Road


Theater for the Sky

Theatro de terra

Theater for the Land


Photo History



Eugene Ionesco
Frenzy for Two

Director: Konstantin Roinishvili
Staring: Tekla Javakhadze, Irakli Gogoladze.
Technical Director: Natia Boshishvili
Art Director: Barbara Aslamazi
Choreographer: Tinatin Tsuladze
Sound Director: Zurab Gagloshvili

Sarah Kane
Phaedra’s Love

Director: Sophio Qelbaqiani
Staring: Maia Khornauli, Salome Maisashvili, Rati Goguadze, Giorgi Korganashvili, Archil Sulakvelidze
Composer: Tamar Putkaradze
Technical Director: Keti Kantaria
Cameraman: Levan Qashibadze
Wireless Operator: Kristina Eloiani

Kobo Abe
The man who turned into a stick

Director: Davit Djabashvili
Staring: Vano Dugladze, Tamar Janukvadze, Giorgi Kakhidze, Iako Chilaia, Zurab Avsadjanishvili
Art Director: Lomer Akhvlediani
Technical Director: Khatuna Sadzaglishvili
Sound Director: Beka Paikidze

Jean-Paul Sartre


Director: Giorgi Chaladze
Art Director: Anano Dolidze
Music: Ia Gogishvili
Staring: Tamar Mamulashvili, Khatia Melkadze, Nika Chkhaidze, Giorgi Jikhuridze

Davit Kldiashvili

Director: Saba Aslamazishvili
Art Director: Teo kukhianidze
Director’s Assistant: Tamaz Karauli
Main Roles: Bacho Chachibaia, Mariam Chukrukidze, Khatuna Berdzenishvili, Nikusha Phaikridze, Nika Nanitashvili.


Second season promo

The Digital Theater


Best Male Actor

Irakli Gogoladze

"Frenzy for Two"

Best Actress

Tamar Mamulashvili


 Best Supporting Actor

Nika Phaikridze


Best Actress in a Leading Role

Khatuna Berdzenishvili


Best directorial work

Giorgi Chaladze


The best artist

Teo kukhianidze


მაყურებლის ხმა

Sect "Trouble"



სქრინ მე